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1989 year. Dr. Hank Pym is trying to find out why Howard Stark and his girlfriend Peggy Carter are using his inventions. But Peggy and Howard are not going to say anything to the old man. Hank, leaving, gives them his word that as long as he lives, they will never get his secret developments. More than 10 years have passed since Dr. Pym learned to shrink people. He even created a phenomenal corporation to serve humanity.

But, alas, one of his former charges - Darren Cross - took away all the documents confirming the rights of the owner of the company from Dr. Pym and decided to present a completely new project, giving it the name "Yellow Hornet". Hank is confident that his advanced design, presented by Darren, can destroy the entire globe. Now the scientist has a goal - to find a suitable person who is ready to save the world and become the new hero of the Universe. So, Scott Lang catches his eye, not so long ago released from prison. But why would Dr. Pym's choice fall on this particular person? How does it stand out from the rest? The Ant-Man movie will definitely reveal Scott's secret at Indoxxi to you.

Lang tries to start living a normal life, gets a job and tries to establish contacts with ex-wife Meg, so that she would allow him to see their daughter Cassie. But Scott's criminal history leaves no chance for Scott - after the management found out that he was in prison, he was immediately fired, and his wife, who had already married a second time, does not want Cassie to communicate with her criminal father. , albeit the former. In order to see if Scott can earn the trust of his wife and persuade her to allow him to see little Cassie, start watching the Ant-Man movie on our website.

Everything in Lang's life goes awry, but suddenly Dr. Pym appears on his way, who gives him a chance to improve. Hank invites Scott to become the new ant-man, on whose fragile but strong shoulders a huge responsibility will be assigned - to save the world from destruction. Thoroughly thinking everything over and weighing all the pros and cons, Scott accepts the offer of Dr. Pym, for which he has his reasons, albeit rather subjective. What is Mr. Pym up to? How is he going to save people from the impending disaster? And, most importantly, will Scott cope with his task? To find out the continuation of the fantastic action movie from Marvel Comics, rather click on "play" and start watching Ant-Man online in our Internet cinema.