A Practical Guide to Video Surveillance Maintenance
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Constantly tracking information related to the best practices in the field of security systems operation, we set out to summarize the organizational and technical experience of system maintenance - maintenance, prevention, replacement of consumables and maintenance. Having studied the available sources, we noted that British colleagues take the most serious approach to maintaining the technical condition of systems Pasang CCTV. This country, leading in the number of installed cameras, has accumulated tremendous experience in the operation of video surveillance systems, and end users have already managed to "step on every possible rake." The material in this appendix is ​​based on a translation of a set of guidelines published by the British Security Industry Association BSIA. The purpose of creating documents of this kind is to transfer useful experience in areas that have not yet been reached by regulation. We are confident that readers will appreciate the thoroughness and completeness of this document. And the fact that for many it will become the basis for developing their own approach to the maintenance of video surveillance systems.

Effective and regular maintenance of a video surveillance system is a guarantee that it will work reliably for a long time. The regularity of maintenance procedures, the professionalism of the service company, as well as the timely registration of faults by the end user, allow early detection of all potential problems and take appropriate measures in a timely manner.

It is assumed that the service system is adequately designed and installed by a professional installer. Despite the fact that the maintenance of systems is voluntary, improving the legal framework governing the use of CCTV cameras in the future may lead to the emergence of regulations that directly or indirectly oblige the owners and users of systems to keep them in proper technical condition.